The 2012 LEAD Program Conference was attended by 50 people from 7 states and Canada – we had a great time!  Those that attended were introduced to the true definition of Christian leadership by learning principles and techniques to help them become more effective leaders.  The sessions were fun and interactive giving the attendees a better understanding of the leadership concepts discussed.

The following are a few survey comments made by the 2012 LEAD Program Conference attendees:

“One of the best conferences I’ve ever attended!”
“This is a one of a kind (unique) program.”
“The material was good – addressing leadership from a spiritual perspective.”
“Very well organized from A to Z.”

Next year, the attendees will be introduced to the 5 levels of leadership and skills that will help them achieve those levels.  Registration for the 2013 LEAD Program Conference will open sometime in the spring and will be limited to the first 60 registrants.  The date for the 2013 conference is set for October 11-14 – we hope you can join us!  Stay tuned to The LEAD Program website ( for more information.


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